Ethereum : Random issues.. (Hashrates fluctuating, super low hashrates, etc.)

Ethereum update: Random issues.. (Hashrates fluctuating, super low hashrates, etc.)

I woke up this morning and I saw that my rig restarted, I tried to start it back up but when I did, my GPUs were failing and I saw I was getting low hashrates and it was saying “OpenCL error -4 (0) – cannot create DAG on GPU”. Watched some videos and read some stuff and I thought increasing the VRAM would fix it, so I did and the first time it didn’t work but the second (increasing it to 24000) did. It’s an 8 GPU RX 580 8GB rig btw.. So now it doesn’t look like my GPUs are failing but at first what I saw was the hashrate was fluctuating a ton and all the hashrates are at around 19 MH/s when the normal hashrate is supposed to be around 29.5 MH/s. I literally just woke up, I didn’t do anything so I am not sure why this is happening, could someone help me please? Thanks.

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