Ethereum : [Request] Some closet cooling tips

Ethereum update: [Request] Some closet cooling tips

So, this is sort of an update to my related post on here [last year](, asking for cooling tips and what not. For those not in the know, I have a mining rig running right now with about 5 gpus netting 3 KH/s on Aeon’s network (I switched from Ethereum about 8 months ago to assist another growing altcoin).

It works pretty well, but given that I live in Houston, I have a big issue: cooling. There’s a reason most server closets are well ventilated and that’s for cooling, I’m aware of that, but right now my cooling basically goes from GPU -> GPU Fans -> Closet air “heatsink” -> warms air in my room that I’m working and sleeping in -> House AC tries to keep up. It does a good job on the rest of the house, but any room with a computer it will be lacking compared to others, and I’m running a gaming rig with 4 monitors when I’m up and two “servers” in my closet when I’m not (one under miner is for data storage and plex streaming as an HTPC).

To track temps, I bought one of those laser thermometers off Amazon and checked some temps because I have been waking up hot as hell. I looked into the AC in my room and it looks like it’s supposed to be [65-70 through the ceiling vent here]( The vent next to the closet I’m guessing is the opposite of the intake and continues the flow around the house (many modern AC units work essentially by using convection to flow air around the house, similar to a watercooled setup). What’s not right though is that that vent isn’t anywhere near the other vent. [It’s around 80-85 instead]( on that and in my room. Meanwhile in the closet itself [it’s 90-95]( and the cards themselves are generally around [150-160 or ~70C](

Now those cards are AMD, so running that hot is OK, what is not OK is how those cards are getting so hot that they make sleeping in my damn bed uncomfy. I can’t really move the cards to the garage or attic because it’s not my house and my folks said no on anywhere else in the place. So that is where I come to you. Do you guys have any further tips over the last year that could help me out? **Since case fans help push air around in cases, I was considering getting some noctuas and some hobby work to attach them to the vents, [like so]( Would this option actually work to boost things or would I be risking damaging the AC entirely?** If anyone has any other ideas, brownie points to you.

PS. Why isn’t that a cryptocoin yet? Then you could literally give brownie points to someone, lol.

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