Ethereum : Rig collapsed to shit after adding in 2 risers

Ethereum update: Rig collapsed to shit after adding in 2 risers

So I had a 6 RX570 rig working perfectly for some time, wasn’t crashing no problems. 2 of my cards were directly in the PCIE slots so I decided to use risers instead. Once I put them on risers and started the rig up I was getting no display and after a series of manual restarts I got 2 different blue screens. [This]( and another saying “Boot Configuration Data doesn’t contain valid information for an operating system”, telling me to add a windows recovery disk to repair it.

At this point I thought my hard drive had died or something (because the sata cable for it is iffy) so I put in another and it booted properly. I switched back to the other hdd and started getting display but my bios settings were reset and my cards would not all recognize, basically back to stage 1 of setting up a rig somehow. After 2 days of nonsense I have my GPUs all detected by windows, but Claymore either won’t recognize them, or will crash after reading my pools with “ethdcrminer64.exe has stopped working”. I believe the problem stems from my integrated graphics not showing in device manager (ie disabled) which is why I get no display if I put my HDMI into my motherboard (which I used to always do with stable results). I tried DDUing my integrated graphics and discrete graphics but still can’t get Intel Graphics 610 back in device manager, if I boot with no GPU there will be no display.

BTW just updated windows after this happened to version 1803

At this point I’m dumbstruck, I will try formatting windows as a last resort if nobody can help me. And please don’t lash out at me if this is something stupid. Sorry for the essay and thanks for the help.

**EDIT: Thanks to Mr_NobodE for telling me to reset the CMOS, after that I followed** [this guide by MSI]( **and the integrated graphics are detecting as well as claymore running. My hashrate has cut in half after the Windows update I suspect so I’m working on that**

**EDIT2: Okay after too many hours/days wasted working on this rig, I have gotten it working back to the state it was before, with all cards on risers. For anybody in the future with a similar issue to me reading this, NEVER run the atikmdag tool with multiple GPUs plugged in, it will fuck them completely and you will need to format your hard drive and clear your CMOS, DDU will not cut it. That problem set me back a couple of hours. Afterwards what I did was plug in my first GPU, run atikmdag, plug in my second WITH my first, boot up (Code 43 on both DO NOT RUN atikmdag), then turn off and remove the first GPU to run atikmdag with only the second one plugged in. After that I plugged in both GPUs, tested the hashrate and then continued the previous steps for the rest of my GPUs. There probably is a way to do it with less steps but I didn’t want to play with fate. Thanks again to everyone who helped out, I definitely learned my lesson and won’t be playing with this rig anymore than I need to lol.**

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