Ethereum : RX 580’s 8gig only 15 Mhs

Ethereum update: RX 580’s 8gig only 15 Mhs

Hey guys, I’ve been mining for about a year now and have always managed over 30MHs for each RX580 card. About 3 weeks ago both cards dropped to about 15MHs each and I cannot seem to find the issue.


I’m using what i believe to be Claymores latest here: [](


Both cards have had the bios modified via a tutorial I found online and also patched after installing the AMD Crimson-ReLive-Beta-Blockchain drivers. This was how i got them to 30+MHs in the first place and the cards were stable and worked for months at this hash rate.


I’ve tried OC settings, even resetting back to stock – no change. Also tried reinstalling the drivers… no change.


Any suggestions on what to try next would be awesome. Cheers

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