Ethereum : Second hand rig a good deal?

Ethereum update: Second hand rig a good deal?

Hello there, I only recently started looking into mining and am not planning to commit to anything just yet, but I was looking around for local mining rigs pricing and I’m wondering if this is good value.

I found this rig with 5 gtx 1070 cards (2x Nvidia founders with 3 yrs warranty and 3 x Asus Dual OC with 2 yrs warranty) and two 750 watts power supplies that’s been operational since April. It’s asking price is €2200,-. Looking around I could probably buy these cards separately around €350,- for used ones. Would you consider this a nice deal? That would be around $2575.

Im really just orienting in the space right now, and of course the market is far from a sure thing right now (at least to keep a small mining rig operational; I pay roughly €0,2/kWh) and there is also the heat that is an obstacle right now, but I suppose this also may lead to people selling their rigs for cheap, so I’m carefully interested right now.

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