Ethereum : Selling Cards: which brand?

Ethereum update: Selling Cards: which brand?

I recently found the 1070 of my dreams and I wanted to sell one of the 1060 currently running in my rig. I don’t know which one would sell for more/less based on brand reputation/other factors since I never really understood the difference between brands. Keeping all cards isn’t really an option because I don’t want to push my PSU too hard, it’s already running 7 GPUs. My choice is between:

– KFA2 1060 OC 6gb (Micron)
– Gigabyte 1060 Mini ITX 6gb (also Micron)
– Gigabyte 1060 Gaming G1 6G (Samsung)

Which one would you recommend? And on a general note is there a ranking for brands? Like 1.EVGA, 2…

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