Ethereum : Several GPUs not loading into memory after moving

Ethereum update: Several GPUs not loading into memory after moving

Hi all,

I’ve encountered a bit of an issue when I moved into my new house and I can’t quite pin down what exactly is wrong. I’m running a standard 12 GPU rig, dual PSU, H110 Pro BTC+, Win10. Right now, only 7/12 GPUs are loading into memory when I power up the rig. When I moved into my new place, all 12 loaded initially, but as time has went on, I’m starting to lose one after another. I’ve checked the connections on all my cards and toyed around with how the extra GPU slots are getting powered on the mobo to no avail. I can’t seem to figure out if the issue lies in the circuits I’m drawing power from, if my mobo is starting to go out, or if it something else entirely. If anyone has encountered this issue before or has any troubleshooting ideas, please let me know! Thanks in advance and happy mining y’all.

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