Ethereum : Shutdown after 30seconds mining

Ethereum update: Shutdown after 30seconds mining

Since yesterday my rig shuts down few seconds after the miner software loads. If I don’t open phoenix/claymore the computer runs properly.
I’m thinking it’s a PSU issue, but before trying to RMA it I was wondering what else it could be.

The PSU is a 1000W Bequiet Dark Power Pro 11 Platinum, running 4×1060, 2×1070 and a rx480. Previously to the current situation it ran 8gpus (5×1060 + the rest) without issues for 7 months. I set up sequential DAG load in phoenix.

I got a spare 400w PSU so now I’m mining with just one card (out of 7 in the rig) and this way I know its not either mobo or CPU.

Reward: if the issue is not the PSU I will pledge 2 days of my mining power (~180mh in ethash) to you

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