Ethereum : Some tuning ideas for ETH blockchain

Ethereum update: Some tuning ideas for ETH blockchain

I know most of the plans like sharding, Casper, Plasma, Proof of Stake etc. are mostly looking at a level 2 solution on top of the ETH blockchain.

However, has most of the tuning at the base level already been exhausted? I noticed that ETH won’t sync up unless you are running SSD, HDD is just too slow to do it. (The being stuck at 99% forever issue).

I know that tuning up things like DB cache is already possible, but maybe there can be some additional tuning done at the lower level? Examples would be things like: caching, prefetch, read and write-ahead capabilities, compression, de-deduplication, etc.

I’m thinking along the lines of how alot of application designers will put stuff like memcached in front of the database, to speed it up and keep as much load in memory and out of the DB as possible.

Or does the team feel like these types of tuning approaches have already been exhausted?

I know Reddit isn’t an ETH dev channel and lots of these ideas have probably already been tossed around for years, but just wondering if any of them would apply.

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