Ethereum : Sometimes wish I never started Mining!!

Ethereum update: Sometimes wish I never started Mining!!

Maybe it is my own incompetence… but even with bios modding I can’t get my AMD’s or Nividia’s hashing anywhere close to where they should be, or close to where I get them Hashing on Ethos on Windows.

As for Ethos, the hash rate is good but I swear to God, I deal with something crashing nearly every F&%King day!!! If it isn’t a single GPU of 11 falling out, a rig completely and randomly all hashing 0 and needing a reboot, or randomly a rig just goes to shit and I have to format that USB, re-download Ethos, mount it to a USB and re-start it.

On Ethos the Nividia’s run fairly smooth, but the AMD’s are a friggin nightmare. I work on the road and recently all my rigs shit the bed. I thought they shut off and when I got home I realized for 2 weeks they were hashing 0, but kept running at FULL WATTAGE!!! burning electricity. It was because changed a policy where you had to confirm your purchase security number or whatever.

Do other people have these constant issues?

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