Ethereum : Strange hashrates and ineffective overclock problems

Ethereum update: Strange hashrates and ineffective overclock problems

Hey there!

I have 3 MSI Armor RX 480 4GB OC cards that I bought from Newegg a year ago. Recently, I’ve been trying to get them working again and have got the Beta Blockchain Drivers for AMD installed, and have them running at stock clocks mining DaggerHashimoto on Nicehash. Everything has been all fine and dandy, and I have an estimated earnings of 2.30 USD a day at stock speeds.

It gets weird, however, when I try and overclock these cards with MSI Afterburner. I usually raise the core voltage by about 5-20, and raise the memclocks about 500 and the coreclock about 300 as my max overclock. The cards do 21.5, 21.5 and 24.5 MH/s with DaggerHashimoto on stock speeds. However, whenever I apply an overclock of any kind, the hashrate always decreases, usually to around 19-20 MH/s. Two of the cards have Hynix memory whereas one of them has Samsung. I didnt flash the VBIOS because they are not my cards, I don’t want to void the warranty, and because I don’t want to take the risk (even though these days the preloaded ROMS make it quite easy.). Has anyone had a similar overclocking experience? Currently I have them undervolted by about -15 mV on stock speeds (because its the fastest).

Thanks so much for reading. Cheers all

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