Ethereum : Switched to Phoenix Miner and One Card Acts Odd

Ethereum update: Switched to Phoenix Miner and One Card Acts Odd

Hey everybody,

In one of my rigs (8 x Rx580) I switched from Claymore to Phoenix Miner, reading it was better and I wanted to try. But after switching to it, interestingly my total hashrate dropped. Forgot to tell, I could get upto 250 MH/s with claymore; now total is around 240 MH/s.

In 6 of 8 cards, I get 31.8 to 31.9 MH/s with no problem.

One of the cards climb up to 29 MH/s when auto-tuning ends.

But one of the card, which starts from 25 MH/s in the beginning of auto-tuning process, drops to 22 MH/s.

I am using OverDriveNtool to overclock and even though the computer detects 8 RX580, obviously since it can mine with it as well, when I active overclock it says GPU = 8 not found.

Is this a hardware problem or a software problem I could not decide. I’d be happy if you can help me sort this out. Thank you in advance

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