Ethereum : Taking A 60k Loan, Should I go for a small mining farm, or just buy and Hodl Ethereum?

Ethereum update: Taking A 60k Loan, Should I go for a small mining farm, or just buy and Hodl Ethereum?

Hey guys, first of all I understand the risks of taking a loan and I have this special type of a loan that I dont have to pay for 2 years, only then I will need to start paying, even then with low interest rates which is very attractive.

I already got approved and I am receiving the money 2 weeks from now.

Now I am facing a dilemma, I have been trading cryptos for 1.5 years now, I have some experience, I also built a small 3x 1070ti mining Rig and I know how to play that game also.

I know that crypto is a seasonal game, and right now is the Buying season, when all the prices are amazing to buy and hold until the next bull run. I also understand that the next bull run is due by the end of this year. So I am either buying and setting up a farm for 60k and mining some coins, or I can Buy some Ethereum coins and Hold until the next bull run, Cash out afterwards and buy even more Mining Sets, hopefully with the new generation Nvidias 1180/2080 cards.

I have some experience, not a complete noob, but also very far from an expert, so I would really appreciate any advice you guys have!!

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