Ethereum : The first EURO pegged stable coin on EIP-20 standard.

Ethereum update: The first EURO pegged stable coin on EIP-20 standard.

It seems to be good news that the first EURO pegged stable coin (named EURS) is on EIP-20 standard.

However, I am wondering how it is possible to transfer EURS without spending ETH (see the below quote).

If so, is it still good news for ETH?

“Secured by the Ethereum blockchain technology, EURS leverages it to travel between wallets.

However, users do not necessarily need Ether to carry out a transaction, if it originates from a

STASIS wallet app.”

source: [,%20a%20stablecoin%20backed%20by%20the%20Euro%20.pdf](,%20a%20stablecoin%20backed%20by%20the%20Euro%20.pdf)

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