Ethereum : The Million Ether Homepage 2 testnet release – critique much appreciated.

Ethereum update: The Million Ether Homepage 2 testnet release – critique much appreciated.

I’ve just deployed an ERC721-token version of The Million Ether Homepage ([GitHub]( to the Rinkeby testnet.

## Main features
– A 1000×1000 pixel field is displayed at []( (doesn’t work with testnets yet).
– Anyone can buy, sell, rent or rent out pixels, place ads within owned or rented area.
– Price doubles after every 10% of pixels sold. Starting price is $1 per 10×10 pixel block.
– 80% of initial sale income goes to charity.
– A 10×10 pixel block is an ERC721 token.

## Smart contracts at Rinkeby testnet (Etherscan):
– [Million Ether Homepage 2]( – main user interface contract, immutable, stores ether and ERC721 token balances.
– [Market]( – upgradable module, responsible for buy-sell operations and charity.
– [Rentals]( – upgradable module, responsible for rent operations.
– [Ads]( – upgradable module, responsible for placing ads.

Please give it a try! See source code comments for instructions. Or check [the old docs]( (just ignore the sign-in section).

Will be happy to hear your thoughts.

View the link

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