Ethereum : Transfering Files To New SSD

Ethereum update: Transfering Files To New SSD

Hi Everyone –

I have a rig and I am running out of space on my SSD. Originally I installed a new SSD with the thought process that this new drive would give me more space. But windows does not use the available space on the new SSD.

For example – I tried downloading a new program or icncreasing VRAM but the computer tells me there is not enough available space.

If I take a look in disk management it shows a partition that has 99 GB of free space but it seems the computer does not want to use it. So now I am trying to remove the partition, clean the bigger drive, and use a cloning software to move all the files to the new bigger SSD.

But when I go to disk management it does not give me an option to delete – all the options to do anything are greyed out actually. Can someone help me out here?

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