Ethereum : We’re introducing Wallet IDs – Find out more inside!

Ethereum update: We’re introducing Wallet IDs – Find out more inside!

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We are integrating Ethereum on the U.CASH platform in the future. What this means is that our 750,000+ global users will be able to purchase or sell ETH for cash, as well as access advanced functionalities.

U.CASH is building a global network of local and online converters that enables anyone to load up their account with cash, access multiple services, and when complete, cash-out.

The vast majority of our users have never owned any cryptocurrency before and hail mostly from areas such as South/South-East Asia and South America. As such, we have embarked on various initiatives to make using cryptocurrencies easier and more intuitive. One such initiative is our Wallet ID program.

We believe simple, easy to remember and share addresses, are the future of seamless payments. Wallet IDs are subdomains built under the main TLD You can claim and use that to receive payments online or through the U.CASH platform to start. We are developing APIs that can be used by other providers to access the same capability as well. On top of that, multiple other features including domain forwarding, brand building sites and more are planned in the pipeline for Wallet IDs. All Ethereum domains will be enabled on ENS (Ethereum Name Service) in the future for on-chain capabilities.

Other services that U.CASH currently offers is exchange top-ups (currently available for instant loads to C2CX), where after loading up your account with cash, you can the transfer that balance to your exchange account. In the future we will be enabling cash-out from exchanges as well.

The U.CASH mission is to integrate promising cryptocurrencies, global exchanges and financial service providers together with our converter network to provide users with a wide variety of innovative abilities. Wallet IDs are the first step in this integration process.

To find out more about this initiative please visit for our teaser informational site. In the future we will build a more comprehensive portal that will be sure to become a great resource for the community.

Pre-register your U.CASH account to be eligible for early access. When registering and verifying your account, you receive some UCASH as a bounty. In many cases this bounty is enough to claim your Wallet ID for free!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in this thread, join our telegram or send us an email to walletid @


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Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference.

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