Ethereum : What software are u running your Rigs with – and are you happy? CG.Dashboard Closed Beta

Ethereum update: What software are u running your Rigs with – and are you happy? CG.Dashboard Closed Beta

There is plenty of software on the market for managing GPU Mining Rigs or small farms.

Within the last 14 Months, i have developed an Linux Image + PHP Server Based Mining Dashboard, which is now used by []( . We are thinking about opening to the market, as it has plenty of unique features, some of them you see in the screenshots below.

We would be interested in your opinion:
– what Software do you use for your GPU Mining Rigs?
– are you happy with the features and stability of the system you are using?
– would you be interested in joining our closed beta program for CG.Dashboard for free ?

Thanks for any feedback in advance.

Our Linux Image for GPU Mining Rigs is based on:
– Ubuntu 18.04
– NVIDIA 396.37 Drivers
– Cuda 9.2.148
– ETHlargmentpill enabled for GTX 1080/Ti

We added scripts to monitor the machine, optionally it can also be attached to our webbased dashboard. But you can also integrate it in your own solution thanks to json API.

Currently we support Claymore 11.8, ccminer-2.3.0, cpuminer-opt [](, xmrig-nvidia 2.6.1

[Rig List for Overview](

[Rig Single View](

[Rig Power Management (if you host the rig @ home – there is no cost, but you can use it for double check power usage)](

View the link

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