Ethereum : What’s happening with the pools ?

Ethereum update: What’s happening with the pools ?

Hey there everyone. So, i was mining on Nanopool since the beginning of my mining journey(end of February) and everything was fine until a few days ago. My earning went down hard(ETH wise ofc) so i switched to Ethermine 2 days ago. Higher earning than Nanopool even though the actual hashrate is lower but still nowhere close what i should earn with the hashrate i have which is 374mh/s. According to calculators(whattomine AND coinwarz) i should earn around 0.9ETH per month(Whattomine = 0.87ETH, Coinwarz = 0.898ETH) and it was higher yesterday(around 0.9-0.92ETH). So, what is going on ? Are the calculators became useless with wrong data all of a sudden or something going on with the Ethereum Network and/or pools ? I’ve never encountered anything like this before, i was always earning the same or +-0.05ETH per month with what Whattomine reported according to my hashrate but now all of a sudden i’m earning 0.75-0.77ETH per month with the same hashrate. Btw everything else is fine/same(cards, overclock, no memory errors, internet connection is the same, heat is the same,…etc.). Can anyone elaborate on the situation ? Maybe i’m missing something out ?

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