Ripple : Bearwhale is active again…

Ripple update: Bearwhale is active again…

Balances when I checked at the end of March

rLqQA5B4UTxCkjjLYDMSJprycuWh6iyqPr – 100M

rshPuu6VZo3DnAaEY5fBe3nA4CB5MKBYcp – 50M

rLTsSbzhrr1MAXSWpzFBtS2bi4dFb6bpWL – 50M

r3BJrkuAGQMdaoSw4TMizeSYZoLM5kvEGj – 33M


rJfoXNyaaWAiag3R7t9oa3UqyRa663qTrc – 50M

rH5AgjpTd6fNhTTA4ATnSpznAzsS94JjKh – 50M

rMwhLJ8VvvZq2PsfC9PBigZY5UWDj5jpHr – 50M

rLTsSbzhrr1MAXSWpzFBtS2bi4dFb6bpWL – 40M

~30M was dumped in April, and 10M was dumped today, which which explains the sudden drop of xrp/btc

The original post by corak on xrpchat revealed that a wallet with a billion xrp started liquidating in 2018.

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