Ripple : Buy and sell walls

Ripple update: Buy and sell walls

Hi everyone,

Me again.

Seems I was correct with my previous estimate that the market had a gentle downward pressure. But I think there is manipulation going on (someone please correct me if I’m wrong).

Looking at, the current price is 0.3890 AUD. There is a sell wall at 0.3890. I think this wall is responsible for the last three trades totalling around 10k XRP. Currently, the order is still standing with roughly 17,300 XRP. From what I understand this prevents the price from going up as buyers want to buy at the lowest price and as long as the wall stands, no one will pay higher than the wall’s price to buy.

Similarly, there is a buy wall at 0.3876 with an outstanding order of around 47,000 XRP. This prevents the price from dropping any further as naturally sellers want the highest prices.

So the current price seems to be forced between 0.3876 – 0.3890, a very narrow band.

What is the meaning of this? Am I reading too much into it?

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