Ripple : Codius CPU and network requirements?

Ripple update: Codius CPU and network requirements?

I’m considering running a physical codius server but I want to ensure that it’s sized appropriately. I understand that each contract will require approx 512Mb of RAM, but I don’t find any requirements of CPU or network bandwidth mentioned anywhere.

I can get my hands on a server with dual E5-2690 CPUs (each one with 8 cores/16 threads at 2.9 Ghz) and that has 256Gb of RAM. Would I be at risk of having the CPUs as a bottleneck if I was running a large number of contracts?

What about the network requirements – imagine things went crazy and I was actually running 400 contracts on the server (sure, I understand that the codius network is currently way over provisioned so that wouldn’t be any time soon), what would the network requirements be at that point?

Basically if I use this server, is it worth it – or is there a practical limit to the amount of RAM I can use with these CPUs for codius?

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