Ripple : David Schwartz CTO – Another step toward SEC ruling?

Ripple update: David Schwartz CTO – Another step toward SEC ruling?

I was watching this video of SEC William Hinman talking about crypto and this idea popped into my head.

Note: This is not meant to take away from the fact that David is awesome and deserves the position that was given to him.

In 2011 XRP is designed and built by Arthur Britto and David Schwartz. The creators of XRP keep 20bln and gift 80bln to Ripple. David begins working at Ripple Labs as the Chief Cryptographer. If DS is still working on XRP/XRPL does that give the SEC reason to believe that Ripple has control over the development of XRP since their Chief Cryptographer is still working on the code? I am probably reading into things too far here but there are a lot of changes happening to separate Ripple from XRP and this happens right in the middle of it all.


Edit: Clarification.

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