Ripple : Does someone know how to send complain to ? – XRP not security

Ripple update: Does someone know how to send complain to ? – XRP not security

Based on []( guide line, it seems anyone can submit a public comment regarding XRP as below (someone already did it!).


[]( public comment instructions are as below:

Does anyone know how to get file number ?

## 2. E-mail

* Send comments to [](

* The subject line of your message must include the File Number for the rule. This is the number that begins “S7-” or “SR-”.

* If you attach a document, indicate the format or software used (e.g., PDF, Word Perfect, MS Word, ASCII text, etc.) to create the attachment.

* Please note that we now accept comment letters in PDF format.

* DO NOT submit attachments as HTML, GIF, TIFF, PIF, ZIP, or EXE.

We could also do submit such comment to SEC !

Another interesting finding is: [](

View the link

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