Ripple : How many people do you think are invested in XRP?

Ripple update: How many people do you think are invested in XRP?

Time and again I hear stories of people not knowing anyone around them who is invested in crypto, let alone XRP. I myself am in that boat and generally keep it to myself unless specifically asked about crypto to avoid being “that guy”.

There was [a post a few days ago]( ago summarising some data from the [Ledger exposed]( which got me thinking about how many people are there actually invested in Crypto and XRP.

From the ledger exposed there are roughly 1.3 million wallets, with only 1 million wallets holding more than the reserve and a further 127,000 holding just the reserve. Its pretty safe to write off these wallets as “not currently invested”.

That leaves 873,000 wallets with more than the reserve. But there is a very substantial number of low value wallets. ie there are only 517,000 wallets with balances equal to or greater than 100XRP.

This drops again to only 230,000 wallets with more than 1000XRP. You would logically accept this dropping in numbers as you move the “investing” goal posts, but where would you draw the line on “invested”. Its also fairly safe to assume that a single investors holding multiple wallets account for a percentage of these. There is also a lot of investors that solely use the exchanges and don’t have their individual wallets.

We may never know exactly how many people worldwide are currently invested in XRP, but **how many investors do you think there are?**

Personally I would be surprised if there were more than 300,000 individuals worldwide currently invested in XRP. Note I am not counting institutions/entities like exchanges/banks/companies and I’m assuming a minimum of 1000XRP to be called “invested”, investors solely on exchanges included here. I believe this puts us in good stead for when XRP becomes the standard!

EDIT: Why are people downvoting this? sure its conjecture but is that really worth downvoting?

Running tally from comments: 47 (including myself)

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