Ripple : How Wirex Visa Card – XRP spending works for me so far.

Ripple update: How Wirex Visa Card – XRP spending works for me so far.

So far I’ve two times purchased XRP with the rest of my weekly wage after paying for stuff I have to use cash for.

As I get salary on Saturday I was able, both weeks, to buy at dip and trough-out week I had some “extra” € to spend. At the last salary I had ~20€ worth XRP left, I wouldn’t have it if I have held onto fiat.

I yesterday did the same thing and already have another 20€ extra worth of XRP.

Considering all that is coming in next few days/months builds confidence that this trend will continue and that I will be profiting and increasing my XRP stack on weekly basis.

I value XRP enormously more then ANY fiat on the basis of what’s backing fiat, in some countries fiat is having guaranteed value, so you all know where I’m coming from.

So now that we don’t have to get down that rabbit hole, I guess we can agree that this way of managing finances, given you’ve done your research is indeed new and weird but at the same time, if adopted, is some kind of monetary independence of banks and loan backed fiat.

The amount I am able to save now is 2.5% increase rate of my XRP holdings on weekly basis. If you look at XRP as an asset that is projected to increase in value, then you are looking at 2.5% increase in someone’s asset not backed by any loan.

I welcome discussion but don’t judge trough your own glasses and rather allow that there are people in different situations around the world.

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