Ripple : Its finally July and here’s why I’m so excited with XRP for this exact month

Ripple update: Its finally July and here’s why I’m so excited with XRP for this exact month

1. In general of crypto sphere, this month Line launch their own exchange, Bitbox, yea its just another exchange like we never get enough with exchanges. Its including XRP but it dont have fiat-crypto, still fine because Line actually has large number of younger ages of users on the east part of the world. This will expose crypto market to mainstream faster. I’m from Indonesia and Line is a basic default messaging chat here, only beaten by whatsapp, a lot of people here from the age 12-28 yo do use Line, or at least has Line on their phone. If anything can bring crypto into mainstream it must be from actual product people already use, like Line per se. In this point I will add Facebook, they lift their ban for crypto related sponsors in July. More exposure to crypto market!
2. SEC signaling BTC ETF to be cleared very soon and state they will ease the process. I mean we are still tied with BTC. Any good news for BTC is actually good for XRP, for fair perspective.
3. SBI fucking Group. When it comes to technology, Japan has always been a leader. The world will follow what they have in hands. The world will learn and adopt the tech Japan use. Because its proven they’re very good at it. And in crypto Japan is actually a pioneer for it. The first domino will be falling at this very month. With SBI CEO talking about XRP gonna be the standard for border payment tech leaving SWIFT in dust.
4. India will release their regulation draft this month so they can give crypto market a clear position. India population is equivalent to **17.74%** of the total world population. Whatever happens there, it matters.

Edit, update (thanks /u/[**toieo83**](**)** :

5. “Next week in Dubai, members of the network will meet to forge new connections and discuss how they use Ripple technology — sharing lessons learned and best practices.”


6. G20 summit where crypto regulation suggestions are “requested” from members.


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