Ripple : July 18th and SBI, whats happening on this date?

Ripple update: July 18th and SBI, whats happening on this date?

Recently, SBI VC opened their crypto trading platform with a soft launch of 20,000 accounts.

Ive read on here that on July 18th, they will open the doors to new registrations.

Whilst thats great news, what I havent seen is confirmation of when their existing 3.5 million customers can begin to use the exchange? Will this also be on July 18th? Any news on when this existing base can have access?

Also, when the exchange fully opens, will it be available to just the public? SBI holdings is a consortium of over 60 banks. So again, when the exchange opens, can we expect to see institutional money being invested from these banking partners?

Answers with any possible link sources would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

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