Ripple : Ripple’s goals and the year 2030 – a key date

Ripple update: Ripple’s goals and the year 2030 – a key date

I just read this article on Ripple’s Insight’s section – the most important excerpt for me is below and the key date revealed is the year 2030. I believe this is the date that I would be willing to wait for Ripple/XRP to realise its full potential in regards to remittance payments, internet of value etc…thoughts?

*Prior to Garlinghouse’s appearance,* [*Dilip Ratha*]( *the World Bank’s lead economist for migration and remittances, spoke about worldwide remittance trends and provided some insightful takeaways about the future of their costs.*

*Ratha stated that a critical* [*sustainable development goal of the World Bank*]( *is to lower the cost of remittances globally from 7 percent to 3 percent by 2030. When Garlinghouse took the stage, he immediately connected these statistics back to Ripple’s goal of establishing an Internet of Value.*

*“If we haven’t lowered the cost of remittance payments by 300 basis points by 2030 as a business, we have failed,” said Garlinghouse. “If we’re successful, we’re not talking about 300 basis points. We’re talking about 30 basis points for the cost of remittance payments.”*

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