Ripple : Secret key for ALV?

Ripple update: Secret key for ALV?

I just found out (under a rock, I know) that I can get a bunch of ALV because im an XRP holder. Ive done some reading, and it seems I need to add a trust line. No Nano support yet so id have to move funds to something like Toast Wallet or another XRP desktop wallet.

Honestly tho, I dont know how I feel about having to essentially put my secret key at risk by adding this trust line. People seem to be up in the air and claiming theres a few red flags with the team.

What are your guys thoughts? Honestly I was prolly just gonna sell my ALV at the next pump just to buy more xrp lol

EDIT: Thanks for the responses guys, gonna gey it set up here shortly! May lambos be with you all

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