Ripple : Tracking xRapid usage on the 3 parter exchanges

Ripple update: Tracking xRapid usage on the 3 parter exchanges

Are the wallet addresses associated with the official partner exchanges for xRapid known (Bittrex, Bitso and Presumably they don’t have too many wallets given the $20 minimum deposit, so in theory it should be possible to collect all relevent addresses.

If we started to monitor them now, then presumably when xRapid is officially launched we should be able to see the impact it is having on volumes in these corridors?

Does anyone know either the relevant wallet addresses or of any tools that would be able to automatically monitor them?

Edit: Just to clarify with an example, if someone does an xRapid transfer from US to Mexico, then I am assuming that there will be a movement of XRP between the Bittrex wallet and the Bitso wallet. I know we won’t be able to know for sure if these transfers are due to xRapid, but by building up a picture before and after xRapid goes live, it should be possible to at least estimate the monthly volume that xRapid has added.

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