Ripple : Will 2017 be known as XRP’S best year?

Ripple update: Will 2017 be known as XRP’S best year?

Xrp went from 0.006 in Jan 17 to 2.30ish dec 17 that is an increase of 38000%

So what do you guys think? will it be known as the single great bull run or are we just seeing the beginning?

I look around reddit crypto subs and there is a alot of fear around the declining prices of 2018. Everybody needs to realise xrp can do 38000% in 12 months we have done it already on nothing but speculation. Shit I’m happy with 38000% in 10 years.

I honestly think when xrapid goes live we will shit all over 2017 even if we sink to 0.15 before hand.

15c @+38000% =$57 remember this before you get down on the price.

I posted this to spread some perspective as people tend to forget that crypto goes up fast.and what goes up must come down.

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