Bitcoin : Discussion thread for u/deadalnix related topics

Bitcoin : Discussion thread for u/deadalnix related topics

Alright r/btc, lets air out this subject.

Over the past several days, there has been a lot of community activity and conversation surrounding u/deadalnix. For those unaware, u/deadalnix is the lead developer for Bitcoin ABC which is one of the largest Bitcoin Cash client projects.

The discussion revolving around u/deadalnix began after he was [banned from a BCH Slack channel]( following a heated conversation about technical development for BCH. Close on the heels of this ban, u/deadalnix crossposted a post discussing his ban made u/memorydealers into r/ bitcoin.

This series of events has triggered an explosion of threads and comments across this sub and others. For the sake of tidiness, and uniformity, I’m creating this thread in an effort to localize the discussion here on an uncensored channel.

Let’s chat everyone. Get out your tinfoil hats and popcorn.

Edit 1: Adding some topics that u/higher-plane commented that can be discussed and generalized some of his language:

* Amaury actions can be seen as an “attack” on the community and now he is back to commenting like nothing ever happened

* An appreciation thread for u/deadalnix made it to the front page of r/btc following his crosspost to r/ bitcoin which seems very inorganic

* This type of activity is reminiscent of BTC and has been one of it’s major downfalls

* Miners decide what goes on within Bitcoin

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