Bitcoin : I wish the first thing I heard about bitcoin, was that it couldn’t be inflated.

Bitcoin : I wish the first thing I heard about bitcoin, was that it couldn’t be inflated.

When I first heard about bitcoin, it was presented in passing by a coworker as internet money, or some other vague thing where my first thought was scam. That was my immediate thought because of ebay/craigslist scams etc, which wasn’t unreasonable. It wasn’t until I read (I don’t remember where exactly) about it being peer-to-peer and solving the byzantine general’s problem that I looked deeper. If someone would have just piqued my interest by saying un-inflatable currency right from the outset, I would have said “impossible!” and looked it up.

So my suggestion to everyone, is the first thing you bring up to someone about bitcoin, is that it cannot be inflated, which is remarkable. After that the how and why and montery history can be brought up (especially the demonetization of gold, that ship has sailed). I see so many instances of interviews etc on youtube where the first thing people say is investment or trend or anything else but what matters. Lets instead elicit that incredulous reaction that causes people to investigate on their own, from the first mention of the almighty Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority.
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