Bitcoin : “No one is arguing for 1 min block times” ~ABC trolls

Bitcoin : “No one is arguing for 1 min block times” ~ABC trolls

Peter R. Rizun@PeterRizun

Shorter inter-block times (e.g., 2 min) for Bitcoin Cash would provide faster confirmations at the expense of marginally higher orphan rates and a longer header chain for SPV wallets. The trade-offs are worth it.
TwitterDec 15th, 2017

Haipo Yang@yhaiyang

I think reduce the BCH block time is a good idea, it will reduce the requirements of running a mining pool, and make Bitcoin Cash more decentralized. It also can improve the experience of payment.
TwitterDec 31st, 2017

Jihan Wu@JihanWu

@BCHisBitcoin LTC has 2.5min block time. BCH can do a hard fork upgrade to short the block time as well. Orphan rate problem can be hedged by the improvement of network technology.

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