Bitcoin : Some concerns that don’t let me sleep well… please help! :)

Bitcoin : Some concerns that don’t let me sleep well… please help! 🙂

I work in a big consulting firm where people in my country who are trying to sell blockchain projects (mainly PoC) don’t know about the technical part of it. They are even asking me to think of “whatever topic” + blockchain as if it was so trivial.

I’ve participated in meetings with different vendors that come to our firm with “the right” platform and tools and expose the benefits of working with them as if they were the best option we could have. I’ve been into this blockchain environment for the last 2 years and I could follow, understand and make challenging questions to those vendors whereas managing directors in the room seemed surprised and so excited about what they were hearing from the them.

My points which I would like to hear your opionion on are….

1- I think these vendors want to take advantage of the low level of knowledge our MDs have, so they see a great opportunity to position themselves and start tens of projects with us.

2- I think what these vendors do is basically implement the open source code available in the communities and implement Fabric (and other Blockchain platforms), which could be done by ourselves by hiring or reskilling some of our developers.

3- The company I work for is not looking to create collaborative networks but pieces of patented software that can be re-sold to all possible clients to make $$$ (I am not aligned at all with this vision) They prefer having pieces of software to sell to all clients instead of working collaborativelly on a joint platform that could benefit all actors of an economy.

4- Being Hyperledger an opensource community, companies with the knowledge of implementing hyperledger (and other blockchain) platforms and offer this service to consulting companies (which are exposed to more clients) are the ones who are making money from this. So basically the pie ($) is in the implementation of blokchains.

5- You may be wondering if the company I work for is so big, why aren’t they building blockchain projects with their own developers? well, they do. The thing is that blockchain is evolving continuously and in a pace that has not allowed the organization to organize and structure people working on blockchain initiatives and we find every week some folks from Bangalore that are working on a blockchain PoC that is overlaping with the work being done with other folks in San Francisco, and meanwhile the guys from Strategy instead of looking internally are hiring external vendors to build blockchain PoC for their clients…

6- Another thing that is confusing our clients is that when we explain “blockchain” in workshops we expose the benefits of a real blockchain (permissionless) such as decentralization, low hardware and energy costs (supported by the miners), etc. but what we are selling is centralized blockhains with expensive hardware and energy costs which is even more confusing for them. I think the community should find an alternative name to permissioned blockchains because this is leading to confusion when only explaining blockchain (permissionless) benefits.

7- With all this mess within the organization, I’m burning because my superiors ask me for ideas / to develop blockchain material but I don’t share at all the vision of the blockchain leads so anything that I would be willing to share with them wouldn’t be aligned with their objectives and I don’t want to lose my time thinking on solutions for people who doesn’t want to implement really blockchains but fake blockchains.

Thank you if you have read untill here and I apologise for the mistakes in the text as English is not my first language. I just would like to hear your thoughts on what you feel you can give me some clarification.


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