Ripple : Let’s talk about Swell 2018

Ripple update: Let’s talk about Swell 2018

If you were around last year for the first Swell event you know that it was a bit of a mixed bag. As far as we know, the event was a huge success for Ripple in their attempt to reach new clients and further the discussion around fintech in the banking industry. But, as your average XRP investor, Swell 2017 was a shit show. The price pumped up to .29 in anticipation and then fell down to .17 in the span of a week. The community was divided and disappointed. So looking forward, here are some suggestions for Ripple and the XRP community.

1. We can’t have another “cat in the bag” from Garlinghouse or Ripple. Speculation was out of control over Brad’s comments leading up to Swell 2017. Let’s agree that surprising the market with news is always better than teasing the market with news. The latter always leads to some people being let down.

2. If Ripple chooses to livestream the event again and have some Q and A’s then DO IT RIGHT! Ripple is supposed to be at the bleeding edge of what’s possible with technology and yet last year they couldn’t even manage to get a decent livestream up for the community. The video, audio, lighting, and punctuality of the livestreams were a complete mess and it led to some in the community to abandon XRP. How you do anything is how you do everything and the community was upset with that aspect of Swell 2017.

3. We, as the XRP community, have to realize Swell isn’t designed to pump XRP. It’s a networking event. It’s a discussion. Hopefully, it brings in additional business for Ripple but we won’t know for months or years.

That’s all I got. Drop a comment if you have a suggestion as well. Hopefully, somebody at Ripple will take them into consideration. Have a great weekend ya’ll.

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