Bitcoin : Who participates in the Bitcoin consensus?

Bitcoin : Who participates in the Bitcoin consensus?

I recently had a discussion with someone who thought miners controlled Bitcoin consensus. My understanding is that no one “controls” consensus it’s an emergent schelling point which occurs between all Bitcoin full nodes and no one else.

I agree that there are other communities which present constructs upon which a consensus can be achieved. For example, communities such as miners, or developers, but they in no way control or participate in the forming of the consensus.

Do I have this right? This was the whole point of SegWit2x wasn’t it? What are your thoughts?

**edit:** After taking in the comments – I think the *short* answer is that no one *forms* consensus, it’s an *emergent property* from a process in which several communities participate. [This video]( is a good summary which I had seen before but didn’t fully grasp. Thanks for the discussion. 🙂

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