Ethereum : AIOMiner v8.2 now available – All setup to mine ETH, has Lyra2Rev2 AMD Miner, Mining by Time of Day, and much much more! Details Inside!

Ethereum update: AIOMiner v8.2 now available – All setup to mine ETH, has Lyra2Rev2 AMD Miner, Mining by Time of Day, and much much more! Details Inside!

Hi everyone,

We’re back with a great new update to AIOMiner! v8.2 is a fairly large update with new features and bug fixes. The push to call this 9.0 was close but 9.0 is already in progress for website integrations.

# [Download AIOMiner v8.2](

# New Features

– New Colors, in an attempt to get a UI person to come forward, we are using a …fun color scheme.

– GPU Details are now displayed on AIOMiner! This now shows your the Fan Speed, Temperature, and Utilization of each card.

– Timed Mining – With summer in full force, we have created a Timed Mining setting. This allows for users who pay crazy prices during special times of the day to turn off mining during those hours, and then to start back up when selected.

– E-Mail alerts – To prep our web systems for heavy traffic we are starting off with adding in E-Mail alerts. Start, Stop, Restart Mining and Restarting Rig will all trigger an e-mail. Users will need to confirm their e-mail account, put in code to activate the alarms. You can choose to disable alarms in the same setting where you enabled them. The same EMAIL/CODE is to be used on all of your rigs. This is a temporary EMAIL/CODE until we move over to our “production” site.

– Pool Settings will now show a * next to each coin where you have a pool setup
Also, When you go to pool settings, if you have a coin selected in “Coin to Mine” it will default to that coins pool as the chances are high you want to edit that coins settings.

– integration is starting to show, we offer a wiki for each coin by default (we are still building this list), this will allow for users to know where to get a wallet, and any tips for using AIOMiner when mining that coin, be it advanced settings or favorite pools

– Purge miners – You now have the option to purge all of the miners and re-download if your Miners list has been growing

– donation – You can now donate directly to the AIOMiner team via Help->Donate!

– benchmark – Removed CryptoNight and placed in ZHash. Removed Skunk, placed in Lyra2z. Still following

– Miners – Added in support for the new AMD Lyra2REv2 miner. It will auto generate the conf file for you. It is not optimized as the miner is still new, but over time it will be. Right now expect 35-40 MHs for a 480.

# Bug/Fixes

– You can now test a pool with a stratum or http/s in the name.

– When you check for new miners it will now auto download if you have new miners.

– Phoenix Miner would still stay open after a request to stop. Tested/Patched

– Clickable Ad on the Stop is no longer the image but a hotlink, the image will wave the 5 second delay.

– Fixed link for ethermine and ETC.

– Did I mention the colors?

# Expected AMD Lyra2REv2 Hashrates

– VEGA 64 – 75mh/s

– VEGA 56 – 60mh/s

– RX 580 – 42mh/s

– RX 570 – 36mh/s

– RX 560 – 16mh/s

– RX 550 – 8mh/s

– RX 480 – 32mh/s

– R9 280X – 23mh/s

– R9 270 – 13mh/s

– 7970 – 21mh/s


If you have any trouble setting up, want to learn how to get the most out of AIOMiner, or just want to talk to some cool people about new coins, join the [AIOMiner Discord Channel.](

As always, we love to hear your feedback! The good, the bad, and the ugly! So don’t be afraid to tell us what you really think in the discord as well!

AIOMiner v8.2 maintains our promise:

# No Batch Files. No Fees. Community Driven.

# [Download AIOMiner v8.2](

Thank you for your continued support and we can’t wait until you guys see AIOMiner v9.0!

Happy Mining!

– The AIOMiner Team

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