Ethereum : Bios mod help, wrong memory crashes

Ethereum update: Bios mod help, wrong memory crashes

Hi there, need some help please.
I flashed one of my Gigabyte RX570 Gaming 4gb cards and now every time I run a miner it crashes with “thread stuck device driver” or something.

I think I used the wrong bios (memory) as my other flashed card (same as above) is working fine (I didnt check to see if they both used same memory) and I didnt back this one up, dumb I know!

Is there a way I can find out what the “real/original” memory is so I can re-flash correct bios?

Can still see the card in Win10 and also Winflash…

Is it safe if I just keep trying the different stock bios roms found on []( or is there a chance of completely bricking it.

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