Ethereum : -eres 0 command Windows 10 with 8GB 1070 based rig

Ethereum update: -eres 0 command Windows 10 with 8GB 1070 based rig

Today my two rigs failed with the following message:
cannot allocate big buffer for dag

Doing a little bit of Googling I discovered -eres 0 option in Claymore, which purportedly stops the cards from trying to allocate a bigger buffer in anticipation of dag size increase. What is strange is that all my graphics cards are 8 gb and the dag is nowhere near this size. So I’m not sure why I needed to change the default setting. Finding an old post about 3gb cards those people reported that this change in eres setting was only a temporary fix (eg a week), but then the dag was pushing up against the actual limit of their cards. With 8GB cards and nowhere near the limit I guess I’m not sure if this fix will be more than just temporary, and why I needed it in the first place?


It finally shit the bed today. Turns out older versions of Claymore won’t work on DAG #200 and above. So time to upgrade miner.

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