Ethereum : Whats your watt/mh ratio?

Ethereum update: Whats your watt/mh ratio?

With high price for electricity i am forced to either shutdown or to optimize this even more.

Before been optimizing for max hashrates and minimum power, or close enough.

Ive run dual (data based on same 6 gpu rig-6×570 pulse 4gb-variables:additional fans up to few w each, max 4 run),
now running solo and aiming to optimize this further.

Ive got no interest in reports from hwinfo or any linux distro. Those are way off, only certain cards report close enough.

So only wall measured watts please.

Dual decred/xvg

850w/167mh eth, disregarding 2nd coin here. It was sweet spot.

875v/875v mem as high as can go, core variable 1050-1100, dont remember


715w/173mh which is 4.13294 w/mh

875/875 mem as high as can go (1900-2000)
Core i think been 1100, not at pc at moment.

Now testing stability of

580w/160mh = 3.625 w/mh

Core 1000, 775/775v, mem 1850 not optimized yet, some will go higher or will take lower volts.

Funny enough, slightly higher core, 1050, resulted in lower hashrates of 158 and 584w used.

I played with numbers and at this end they are all over the place, small change has a high impact on efficiency, stability, and rates achieved.

Im curious if any one here can share their settings and set up. Maybe we all could benefit from it and squeeze it a bit more.

Most ive seen is highly non-optimised rigs or peeps dont even know how much electricity they use (hwinfo or linux data-both unreliable).

Ive seen some that were better, it made me to optimize even more (from 167 to 173, refuse to go higher at 875, and at 875 cooling was a slight issue in summer heat), or try and lower power used (750w->715w).

Now im aiming even higher. 😉

Im going to see what i can do with 580s i got, currently 1.5-1.6kw / 360mh reported. Will post back here when i get something.

So… what are your results ? 😉

Edit 1:

For those that prefer other way around

173mh/715w=0.241958042 mh/w or 241.9mh/kwh

Im testing now

160mh/580w=0.275862069 mh/w or 275.8mh/kwh
Seems stable for few hours.

Best i can do for 580 8gb pulse is(@775v) 0.270mh/w or 270mh/kw

Testing further

View the link

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