Ripple : Dutch bank ING to start using ‘Instant Payments’ is Ripple tech involved?

Ripple update: Dutch bank ING to start using ‘Instant Payments’ is Ripple tech involved?

Ing sent a message to their customers in their banking app announcing the arrival of a feature called ‘Instant Payments’. The promise is that payments will be near instant, a matter of seconds. This of course all sounds rather familiar, but I can’t figure out if there is a connection to Ripple tech being used here. Quick research led me to this site [Instant Payments | Dutch Payments Association]( and then this site [EPC | SEPA Instant Credit Transfer](


The similarities to Ripple’s promise are uncanny, I will try and dive in deeper, but it seems tech is not mentioned. This leaves room for the guessing game, is Ripple involved?



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